I find it amazing how obvious Trump-haters think they speak for the American people; they don't. They also don't have better knowledge of the Constitution than the honorable Republicans they choose to educate. They must believe it is in the Constitution to start impeachment planning when they lose an election. It's not in there. As for the phone conversation, I don't believe it was a perfect call, but I believe that U.S. Sens. Bill Cassidy and John Kennedy, and House Republican Whip Steve Scalise are honorable men who are standing up to the forces of a pure evil attempt to overthrow an election.

I personally don't think the phone call was perfect, but don't believe it in any way supports moves by the Democrats to impeach the president. When term "the American people" was used in a recent commentary, it was obvious the writer believed we all share her point of view. That is not correct. Cassidy, Kennedy, and Steve Scalise are voting against the conspiracy, and they are honorable in doing so. I believe this act by the Democratic Party is more harmful to our republic than anything else right now. But God is still in control, so it's gong to be OK.

Gene Gonzales