Regarding the published Saturday Dec. 26 letter submitted by attorney Peter Meisner, of River Ridge, thanks for saving all supporters time and much money purchasing season tickets plus watching away games next season.

Obviously, his second career as a soothsayer eloquently informs “we”: “And no one seriously believes there is a Miles 2.0 version for the 2016 season, ‘we’ will do the same song and dance next year.” Being a simpleton, please at least enlighten me who is “we” to whom you refer.

Personally, I will be able to watch “Seinfeld” reruns instead of a potential Heisman Trophy winner, older, talented and more experienced version of the 2016 Tigers — due to his precise and expert validity predicting future events. Of course, his third job of employment as an administrator at LSU — he holds secret information about coach Miles’ employment.

Please periodically enlighten the readers about the intricate plan for removing the coach. Being a member of a “we” is comforting and provides a sense of importance as a fan.

Finally, because he predicts the future, could he let us know a specific day the world will end, I am sure “we” want to be prepared.

Ari Fisher


Baton Rouge