I am a registered independent who has always voted for the best person, regardless of party affiliation. However, for the past three years, the Democratic Party and media behavior has dragged the country into impeachment chaos. I have a growing concern for the United States’ future.

Although the Mueller Report never produced an impeachable crime upon President Donald Trump, the Democrats refused to move. Instead, they promote a whistleblower declaring the president engaged in a criminal phone conversation with Ukraine’s president. I listened to the shakedown U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff described during the phone call. Appalled at what he explained, I read the transcript myself.

My incredulity was transferred to the lies Schiff presented to the American people, without any argument from the media.

There are never any accolades for this administration’s accomplishments, such as job growth, surging economy, tax reform, constitutional judge appointments, shrinking ISIS and addressing border security in a way that places American citizens’ welfare above those of immigrants that are in the U.S. illegally.

American history is being rewritten at the Democratic Party’s behest. The number of young people wanting what Democrats offer proves academia has been indoctrinating recent generations through a warped activist revision of American history. Too many of these youths are devoid of critical thinking skills and implanted with seeds of anarchy to be unleashed, until their demands of entitlement and suppression of opposition are met.

The Democratic Party is miserable. Its socialist agenda is unrecognizable, and it is criminal how they can label anyone not adhering to their agenda as racists. The get-rid-of-Trump agenda, at all cost, has the Democratic Party poisoned. What does anyone have to look forward under their leadership?

Democrats proclaim the moral high ground, yet, are extreme hypocrites promoting late-term abortions, even out of the womb. Democrats want to get rid of cars, airline travel and meat. They also want higher taxes with everything free, open borders with amnesty for illegal aliens, and gun confiscation.

I choose individual “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” over the collective “We know what is best for you” controlling mindset of the Democrats. I am done with the Democratic Party.


benefits consultant