Dan Fagan, the conservative who complains about our Democratic governor who was charged with saving the state after Gov. Bobby Jindal and his conservative, nonhumanitarian legislative friends almost killed the state, has the nerve to talk about how the French Quarter has another black eye because a man punched seven people in the face.

Dan Fagan: Man's French Quarter punching spree gives New Orleans another black eye

Fagan should look back on the decisions made by Jindal and his friends to close all the psychiatric facilities we had in New Orleans and all over Louisiana and declare those decisions black eyes. People who should be in these facilities are now walking the streets, thanks to Jindal and his gang. But people like Fagan and others will blame the victims. It is too bad more of us didn’t protest these decisions when they were being made. Now we are suffering the consequences.

The black eye with which Fagan is labeling the French Quarter should rightfully be placed on Jindal, his legislative buddies, and on us for the patients that are now walking the streets instead of being in psychiatric facilities.

Merle T. Harris

retired educator

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