Baton Rouge's Adam Knapp: Focus on results -- not rhetoric -- with Louisiana incentives

One of the more difficult issues presenting voters and others watching the state budget debate is the media’s apparent absence of coherent explanation of the entities and persons benefiting from constitutional protection from any reductions in their budget. This is especially so as we have seen publication of statistics indicating that the state's revenues have increased.

If everyone understands the transparency of using painful reductions in education and medical services to motivate citizens to support tax increases, why is it that the media does not lead the charge in listing any and all beneficiaries of budget protections? Do they serve the best interest of citizens?

It would seem that The Advocate could perform a very useful service in setting out in plain words who is getting the breaks at the expense of sick folks and students. It seems clear that in the current environment, lobbyists are getting more attention than the citizens of Louisiana.

Paul L. Billingsley