On the Sept. 10 opinion page of this newspaper was a letter castigating the Rev. Louis Arceneaux for his support of Joe Biden. The items presented in this letter went from outright fabrications to just being wrong.

“A few Democratic minority states have already passed bills to allow the killing of babies after birth if their mother chooses.” This is an outright falsehood. If the reference is to the New York bill — Reproductive Health Act (S240 -2019) then the statement is false.

In the letter was also the quote “be deprived of life, liberty or property” and was attributed to the Constitution. Sorry, but this is in the Declaration of Independence and reads “that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” — no property. A free pocket copy can be obtained from Hillsdale College. I suggest you read it to remember what our country was founded on.

Newspapers are struggling due in part to this desire to believe only what aligns with your current worldview. Journalism seeks to provide a fact-based discussion.

The internet allows everyone to Google (used as a verb) whatever they like and get a feed of information dominated by advertising and not necessarily based on fact. In talking to people who express outright falsehoods like the one above I often ask what do they believe is a good source of reliable truthful information. Often the answer is “the internet.”

The internet is a conduit, not a source. In a world where we do not have any anchors we are condemned to drift from one idea to another.

Many years before I took high school speech, they included a section on debate. We were taught even then that some sources of information were to be relied upon and some were unacceptable since they presented opinion as fact. While this was before Tim Berners-Lee, Vint Cerf and their co-workers came up with the structure of the web, the need to identify facts still rings true today.

The cable news outlets are rife with people giving their opinions and castigating anyone within their sight but please make your own decisions and not follow someone who has his own agenda.

There is a reason for hope. Look into Solid, a project being run by Berners-Lee to give people a platform where you can choose how your data is used and who sees it. Until then, please get your exercise in someplace other than jumping to conclusions.


IT project manager

New Orleans

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