Letters: Former Bobby Jindal chief of staff: Saying presidential hopes motivated ex-governor's opposition to raising taxes is 'completely wrong' _lowres

Timmy Teepell, left, and Gov. Bobby Jindal at the Renaissance Hotel in Baton Rouge on election night, Saturday, October 22, 2011.

Your editorial page’s repeated reference to former Gov. Bobby Jindal’s “presidential campaign-driven fiscal policies” in making your case for raising taxes is intellectually lazy. It is true that Jindal refused to raise taxes, and it is true that Jindal did, in fact, run for president.

However, your editorial board’s insistence that his dogged opposition to raising taxes was motivated by his campaign for president is completely wrong. This may come as a surprise to you, but there are many good people in this country, including Jindal, who believe in small-government conservatism because they believe it represents the best governing philosophy, not out of a nefarious ulterior motive.

If you want to discredit small-government conservatism and make your case for raising taxes, then make the intellectual policy case on why we should use the force of government to take more money from the pockets of some people and put it in the pockets of others. Avoiding that policy argument by making specious attacks on your opponent’s motives is a disservice to your readers and demonstrates a lack of ideological diversity and intellectual rigor within your editorial board unbecoming the state’s paper of record.

Timmy Teepell

former Jindal administration chief of staff

Baton Rouge