The Republican Party, with but a few notable exceptions, should submit en masse to PTSD therapy to treat the cowering behavior they have exhibited these past four years as a result of being bullied by now outgoing President Donald Trump.

Where one would expect some modicum of statesmanship to emerge to counter the clearly obstructionist and unproductive behavior of a petulant and immature bully, these Republicans have yielded the floor to crickets. The future of the Republican Party and our two-party system is in jeopardy if these elected officials fail to find their backbones.

If you think this letter is written by a liberal Democrat, you could not be more wrong. Just after the 26th Amendment was added to the U.S. Constitution on July 1, 1971, at the age of 18, I registered as a Republican in a state that was almost entirely Democratic. If it were not for the disappointing response to Hurricane Katrina, I would have remained a registered Republican until Trump took over the party. I am registered as no party.

I am conservative and I desire good governance. The past four years have been a clear demonstration of the chaos theory of governance. I, for one, believe it is time for Republican leadership to act with good citizenship and recognize the obvious and support the newly elected president.


retired, food processing