On August 27, the citizens of southwest Louisiana sustained a direct hit from the strongest hurricane to make Louisiana landfall in 150 years. Hurricane Laura devastated our community in south Beauregard Parish, but it did not devastate our spirit. We were uplifted by our faith, our fellow citizens, and by wonderful responders from around the state.

With this letter, I and my colleagues on the Board of Commissioners of Beauregard Fire District 2 would like to acknowledge the help and support of firefighters from the Baton Rouge area who came to assist us in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura. A team of responders from the Baton Rouge and Baker fire departments arrived quickly, brought resources, and had great attitudes. They were well prepared and capable as they assisted our volunteer fire fighters for nearly three weeks.

Together, the volunteers from our district and the responders from the Baton Rouge and Baker fire departments cleared roads, rescued people from homes, responded to fires and accidents, tarped roofs and generally helped our community recover. In addition to aiding our volunteers, they offered friendship and support. In the midst of the mess, the out-of-area responders made our lives a little easier and a little better.

We want people in the Baton Rouge and Baker areas to know just how special their firefighters are and just how thankful we are that they could assist us in our time of need.