Bob Marshall has found another culprit in his endless search for Louisiana's coastal loss. It took a while, and many articles to find the truth, but finally it has come out: Blame it on the Republicans!

According to Marshall, the appointment or Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court is the final piece that will doom all of us south of U.S. 90. If liberal politicism were a science, Bob Marshall would be the head professor.

I agree that greenhouse gases do play a part in our climate, but he should be directing his criticism at the dozens of so-called "developing nations" that have been given a pass to "pollute at will" by world leaders. The United States has been chastised for dropping out of the Paris Climate Accord, but the truth is we were just the cash cow suckers that were expected to pay the lion’s share with money and regulations on our economy. President Donald Trump saw through this scam.

Now for the true, main reason for Louisiana's coastal loss, which Marshall never seems to mention. It can be summed up in one word: levees.

What took Mother Nature hundreds of centuries to build, has been destroyed by man-made levees in a span of two centuries. Pouring billions of dollars into freshwater diversion projects is like dropping a teaspoon of dirt into a barrel of water. The only real solution, which would anger most of the residents in South Plaquemines Parish, is to either remove all of the Mississippi River levees south of Belle Chase, or miles-long sections connected by elevated roadways like the one over the Laplace spillway or the ones connecting the Florida Keys.

This is not a political issue. It is not about Republicans or Democrats, which is what Marshall would like you to believe. It is about commonsense and Mother Nature’s ability to fix a problem, if she is given a chance.


retired communications worker