Roder Russo must either live under a rock or just watch FOX News to get his information because his letter in The Advocate on June 15 was so full of misinformation that I am surprised it was even printed.

He says we have spent billions of taxpayer dollars on alternative fuels, but fails to mention the billions spent on the oil industry.

What about all the Superfund money spent cleaning up oilfield wastes?

First, he says that the electric car is a joke and the only one buying them is GM. He obviously doesn’t know that Nissan also makes an electric car, and that General Motors and Nissan are sold out of all the cars they can make in 2011.

Second, he says converting waste grease from restaurants into fuel would require a restaurant every 10 feet on the interstate. This makes about as much sense to me as saying we would need an oil well every 10 feet on the interstate to make gasoline.

Third, he says we have been fracking wells for a long time and haven’t caused any harm to the environment. He doesn’t seem to know the difference in fracking vertical wells as opposed to horizontal wells, which generate much more wastewater that might have hazardous chemicals. The majority of wells previously fracked were vertical wells.

He says we can have clean air and oil, too! Then why do we have ozone problems in large cities, and why has the atmospheric carbon dioxide gone from 300 parts per million up to 390 parts per million (a 30 percent increase) in the past 100 years?

He also says that for every scientist claiming there is global warming, there is another saying it is nonexistent.

The most recent article I read said the ratio was more like 90 percent claiming global warming and 10 percent not committed or denying it.

And last, he says we need to drill and exhaust the last of our oil so we don’t pay Third World countries for their oil. He obviously thinks Canada and Mexico are Third World countries. We also get oil from Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.

Well, whom do we buy oil from when we squander the remainder of our oil in the next few years?

I say the only smart thing to do is conserve what little oil we have left. We’re going to need it in the future.

Raleigh Jenkins

retired chemist

Baton Rouge