Treason: the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.

It appears to me that the 47 Republican senators who contacted the president of Iran telling him that the negotiations regarding their nuclear proliferation could be changed easily was another attempt by the extremists to betray and destroy the duly elected government of America. In other words, treason.

They undermined the negotiations with one of America’s worst enemies and tried to make the Iranians think they could not negotiate in confidence. While the senators have not offered directly to kill our Christian president for the Iranians, that is not a requirement for a charge of treason.

The extremist traitors are also making a rash assumption that they will control the White House as well as Congress in two years. They should not make this assumption. The Republicans are sorely lacking in possible candidates who do anything other than mouth the agenda of the Kochs and the religious right. Not a single Republican candidate, except possibly Chris Christie, is even interesting. An additional Democratic administration will solidify the gains Obama has made both domestically and internationally. A quality Congress and a couple of good Supremes would keep America out of Third World status for decades.

It is time to call the Justice Department and get these senators charged, convicted, imprisoned and out of office. Obama can finish his term with half a Senate and a Democratic majority, or the states can elect moderate senators who promise not to betray America and cooperate with the president. A few could even be Republicans.

This is not Bill Clinton and the blue dress. The senators who signed the letter are undermining the safety and security of our nation and attempting to overthrow the executive branch. Treason is a serious charge and rarely used, but I think these men are as surely aiding the enemy as if they sent them a nuclear bomb calibrated to hit the White House.

Rhonda Browning


Baton Rouge