In response to the recent letter by Rebecca Carl, there is a reason KKK cowards hiding behind sheets display the Confederate flag, and it is not to teach civics or history classes.

Her argument and that of others that removing public symbols is, as she said, “rewriting Southern history” is simply bogus.

The history was already written and endures no matter what an after-the-fact statue commemorates.

And throughout world history, the battle flag of the defeated is removed to museums where it belongs. The Nazi flag as a symbol of a dark time in world history endures in museums and history books but not on public flagpoles in modern Germany.

Yes, the Civil War was fought, and the South lost. It is way past time for the battle flag of a lost cause to disappear from public view. Its image endures in museums and scores of history books.

To cling to public display of a lost cause flag and after-the-fact monuments denotes both a laziness to actual, serious study of the history of the event and inability to stop clinging to a past cause that failed.

That history will long endure after the divisive flags and monuments are gone.

Richard Boyd

retired journalist