It appears a rapidly growing number of American citizens are very unhappy and distrusting of the United States Congress.

It’s getting easier to feel that way about it, too.

The U.S. Congress has used the middle class as the mule to bear the cost for bad legislation, unwarranted wars, misspending and taking our hard-earned dollars out of the Social Security fund for purposes other than seniors’ retirement. That in itself is nothing short of fraud and corruption.

As for Texas Gov. Rick Perry saying Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, he needs to understand that Congress is “Ponzi.”

Congressmen (and women) live by separate laws and taxation rules than the rest of us do, and that needs to change. They have enacted legislation long ago that guarantees their own golden parachute, paid for by the taxpayers. Once again — corruption.

Now Congress can’t seem to find ways to cut big-government spending without making the average taxpayer the bearer of the burden.

This seems to be the worst Congress in history and serves the average American worse than poorly.

U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., says on her website that she is fighting for Louisiana, and yet you never hear a peep from her unless it serves her own re-election prospect.

I am not sure how we can motivate members of Congress to get off their dead duffs and fix the things they broke, but we can let our voices be heard at the voting booth.

John Clark

field engineer

Baton Rouge