After reading Jeff Landry's vitriolic tantrum against Obamacare, I have to tell my own story.

At the end of 2012, I was just coming out of major surgery after previous surgery left me with minimal lung function. The condition forced me to leave the job that was my family's primary income. My insurance company dropped me with these now previously existing conditions and forced me to COBRA my coverage — retain the policy for a limited time by paying both the employer's and employee's portions of the premiums.

Obamacare was newly established and I found a policy that covered me completely — preexisting conditions, dental, vision and mental health. The premiums were minimal, coverage was comprehensive and, now unemployed, I could continue to receive the quality of care that got me back on my feet and able to carry on a highly functional life.

Obamacare literally saved my life. I'll wager it's done the same for others, especially the millions of persons who were without coverage until Obamacare began to fund Medicaid care.

Landry cherry-picks problems that hindered Obamacare as it was being established and ignores the vast information about its ability to do what it was created to do — provide affordable care to persons unable to receive it before. What Landry's letter seeks to disparage is a program that currently works for millions, even after the Trump administration was able to strip it of its major source of funding.

As it happens, I was also able to keep my doctors.


licensed professional counselor

Denham Springs