I read Jeff Sadow's recent opinion piece on Gov. John Bel Edwards, and he couldn't be more wrong, as usual. When are you going to get rid of this propagandist for the right? Edwards was left no choice but to veto numerous bills because of the fiscal irresponsibility of the Legislature and its recalcitrance to address even the most basic of budgetary problems in Louisiana. Here we sit in fiscal shambles again because the Legislature refuses to do its job. No one wants to pay taxes, but it's a reality of a modern society if we expect our government to function for the people — all the people, not just the special interests like the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry and the Louisiana Banker's Association.

Just a few of the things that Sadow ignores in his attack on Edwards: The Legislature wasn't trying to strip wasteful jobs. Gov. Bobby Jindal already stripped the state down to a stolen hot rod that runs only on fumes. Edwards wasn't trying to "increase" government spending (implying it was wasteful spending); it is much-needed government spending for basic functions of government sorely lacking for the last eight years. Edwards wasn't trying to roll back education reform. He was trying to put public education back under control of the public. Rep. Neil Abramson's "reporting bill" was a way to allow individual legislators to put their pork barrel spending projects into the transportation budget without the need to vote on it. The "campus free speech" bill was nothing more than a disguised attempt to force universities to allow incendiary speech on public campuses. That is already protected by the First Amendment, was unnecessary, and was just another "big government" law that the Republicans allegedly are against but in practice embrace when it suits them.

While Edwards will probably not serve a second term (because let's face it, our state wouldn't vote for Jesus Christ if he ran as a Democrat), he clearly understands the real and serious situation we are in. Think Puerto Rico. People like Sadow are, much like the charlatans in the Trump administration, of the worst sort. They attack sound policy and spending for the sake of attacking it. They are either extremely ignorant or, worse, they are deliberately skewing the facts to achieve an unsupportable and dangerous agenda designed solely to keep Republicans in power. If you want to run Sadow's pieces of propaganda, feel free. But make him pay for the ad space like you make every other politician, and don't give him carte blanche to attack the only person who is making sense in Louisiana right now — John Bel Edwards.

Richard Bullock


New Orleans