We just received a really slick professional brochure in the mail promising wonderful benefits for Slidell if we just let P2E build their casino, hotel and whatever else in our front yard.

They talk about a “legally binding revenue sharing plan with St. Tammany Parish.” Not Slidell, St. Tammany Parish. Even though Slidell will suffer the degradation of our community, St. Tammany Parish will get the “revenue sharing.” What a great deal for St. Tammany Parish!

We in Slidell have seen how these “plans” have worked in the past. Slidell always seems to provide the lion’s share of the muscle for these schemes while the other end of the parish always seems to garner most of the goodies. Notice that the vote plan on this is to allow a casino adjacent to Slidell, not parishwide. Let's include the Mandeville beachfront and see just how much support that would get.

Let’s make P2E provide a performance bond, of say $300 million, payable to the City of Slidell general fund, in the event they default on any of these lush promises they are making. Let’s make it ironclad with measurable milestones and a provision that P2E pay the cost of litigation as well as the bond in the event they screw the pooch and fall on their face as it appears that they did in Bossier City.

Did Bossier City get anything when P2E cut and ran out on them? This bond would seem to be a pittance given their promises of unending prosperity P2E and their allies in the government have been recklessly throwing around if we allow them in.


retired, quality engineer