I can corroborate everything in the June 24 column ("Spreading COVID-19 in the name of stupid fun is deadly") about the folly of privileged people feeling entitled to break basic principles of common sense. My only quibble is with terms.

My mother went to Newman. I went to Newman. My daughter went to Newman. Finally, the distaff line of my family got wise. My granddaughter goes to public school.

However, I have learned one thing along the way, something that was part of my true post-Newman education.

Dumb and stupid are not synonymous. The corollary, wise being unequal to intelligent, also holds. I've seen generations of Newman people master trigonometry. But I rarely have seen students, parents or alumni with a lick of common sense.

Money'll do that to you.

This article reflects a much wider national trend. But I'm grateful for its application right here.



New Orleans