John Kennedy at Press Club 070119

U.S. Sen. John N. Kennedy, R-Madisonville, addressed the Press Club of Baton Rouge on Monday, July 1, 2019.

As an attorney, I recognize the unsettled nature of the law as it addresses the internet and new technology. The internet has evolved from a collection of websites to a tool that most of us rely on every day for communication, education, health care support and entertainment. As so many aspects of our daily lives rely on internet connectivity, the security of personal data and information is of greater concern than ever, especially after the most recent bank data hack.

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A number of states, Louisiana included, have included, have considered their own privacy laws, but a 50-state jambalaya of regulation is not the most practical way to provide the certainty needed for continued innovation while also protecting consumers. What we need is a uniform set of privacy rules that apply nationally across the entire internet ecosystem, and the U.S. Congress has the ability to make it happen.

Our own U.S. senator, John Kennedy, has been a strong supporter of federal data privacy and is a key player in making this a reality. We should encourage him and our entire delegation to support legislation the would protect consumer data and provide consistent rules for innovators to follow.

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I applaud Kennedy and our Louisiana delegation for their work in creating stronger internet data privacy protections for consumers. I hope that he and his colleagues in Congress move forward on legislation to make federal data privacy rules a reality.

Jimmy Burland


Baton Rouge