Jeff Landry 080619

Attorney General Jeff Landry with his wife at candidate qualifying Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2019.

Your recent front-page article that says Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry "jumps back" into the execution legal wrangle seems to me to be quite slanted against him. The title itself suggests needless vacillation on his part, but the real hit job is in the fifth paragraph, where the author speaks about "Landry's enthusiastic and unreserved embrace of the death penalty." And that he's "loudly championed executions . . .and sought to use it as a political cudgel against (Gov. John Bel) Edwards."

These are hardly the writings of an objective journalist. Much of this paragraph is sensational opinion, clearly the reporter's opinion, and not simply facts.

I very much enjoy your newspaper and find it to be mostly objective. However, when it is opinion masquerading as fact, it impugns the integrity of the paper.

Robin Hanemann



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