Bobby Jindal ‘unafraid’ of deficit he faces in ‘wide open’ presidential race _lowres

Photo provided by Rodney White/The Register -- Gov. Bobby Jindal, a potential GOP presidential candidate, visits with Steve Warner of Des Moines(red jacket) at Smokey Row Coffee in Des Moines, Iowa, Monday June 15, 2015.

My heart is heavy, praying for the people of Lafayette affected by the recent senseless shooting. Praying for our nation as a whole. Of course, there are those that will yell “gun control,” but the problem is not guns. Regardless of gun control, the “wrong” people will always be able to obtain guns! There is fear rising up, and many people are afraid to go to the movies, etc. I refuse to live in a bubble, scared to go anywhere. There have been shootings in theaters, schools, restaurants, etc. We know what’s happened in the past but have no clue what’s coming tomorrow. Do we become paralyzed, go to work and home and live like hermits? Nope!

Cathy Stanley

administrative assistant

St. Amant