Personally, I've had enough of these backstabbing politicians "feathering their nests" under the guise of fealty to the U.S. Constitution.

Does anyone seriously believe Bill Cassidy, this newly reelected U.S. senator, would have dared cast this vote if his term in office were expiring two years from now? Of course not, which only makes his siding with the Democrats' impeachment "show trial" that much more hypocritical.

Meanwhile, by currying favor with the Left's "billionaire business class" in this manner, he's sending an obvious signal he's "open for business" to the highest bidder whenever their issues come before a now equally divided U.S. Senate.

And while some believe the senator's vote is deserving of his recall, to me that's an exercise in futility. I'd far prefer we join our neighboring Texans by taking seriously the idea of a Louisiana "Brexit," as that would rid us of all those "America First" posing pols in one afternoon!


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