As a 77-year-old man, despite being fully vaccinated, I developed a breakthrough case of COVID-19. Soon thereafter, I was diagnosed with COVID-19 pneumonia, and my physician suggested that I go to the emergency room. Both in the emergency room and on the patient floor, I quickly received the proper treatment.

My heartfelt thanks to the physicians, nurses and entire staff of Ochsner LGMC, not only for the high quality of the care they provided to me, but for the work effort of the entire staff and well-organized response to the pandemic. This work is exhausting and highly stressful to both the staff and their families. I arrived scared and confused and left feeling well-informed, confident and with a proactive plan for my outpatient care.

As a practicing child psychologist in Lafayette for over 40 years, I say that it is time that our families and children get vaccinated and wear masks to assist our health care professionals in stopping COVID-19. Otherwise, our hardworking health care professionals are fighting COVID-19 alone and with one hand tied behind their backs.

Children need to be in school full time and when they can they should be vaccinated. Virtual learning is no substitute for being in school with the social and extracurricular benefits.

Let’s all pull together and act responsibly toward each other.