Let's hope that the few Republicans who joined the Democrats in killing the prior attempts to destroy the Affordable Care Acts hold to their principles and do it again. Do you like the way your congressmen continue to attempt to eliminate the Affordable Care Act? This time, it's linked to a tax change that looks like it is going to hurt families with children. By the way, can you guess how many jobs have been lost since that actor started trickle-down so many years ago? Lost, not gained?

Letters: Letter about tax plan was off-base

What I particularly like is the name of the proposed tax act. Like every other law proposed by the arrogant "representatives," it contains "jobs" or "freedom" in its name. After all, it is easy enough to misdirect citizens by implying that whatever is in the small print will be positive for "jobs" or "freedom." Notice the title does not include anything like "health care elimination act". Those people are not interested in imposing cost controls on health care cost. They would rather blame a Democratic initiative in its entirety for the shortcoming. I suggest that we need to come to our senses and begin to eliminate the Republican majority in Washington if we wish to resurrect our economy for middle-class workers, The GOP is simply not into the middle class, folks.

The reason should be obvious given the repetition of proposals from the majority: if it is designed to protect citizens from exploitation, the GOP votes it out of existence. Look in the paper each Sunday for "how they voted." And Paul Ryan remains true to his agenda. Reduce the safety net for American families to repay the historical plunder of the Social Security system to pay for the tax cut for corporations and the 1 percent.

Try calling your congressman and complaining rather than rubber-stamping everything they spout. And understand that tax policy is insufficient to entice U.S. businesses to stay in country; because the much lower labor rates offshore are more than sufficient to override the tax savings. So I am pretty sure that jobs will not be increased by this added gift to corporations.

Please give that some thought.

James Bollinger

retired CPA