The July 1 letter, "Sen. Cassidy betrays GOP loyalties," assumes that elected officials are puppets, there to vote for what they, their party, and perhaps their constituents want. I don’t know of any poll in Louisiana indicating the opinion of our residents on the impeachment of Donald Trump so can’t assume that the majority of Louisiana voters were against impeachment.

Granted all members of the Republican Executive Committee were. I don’t think many Louisiana residents are “poisoned with Trump hatred” (or love). Most of our voters are intelligent, independent thinkers who will not simply “join the Republican State Central Committee in its efforts to replace him (U.S. Sen Bill Cassidy) in the next election.” Cassidy explained the reasons for his vote in a clear and concise message which was more than satisfactory.

Cassidy has spent his entire medical career in academic medicine providing quality medical care to the poor which by definition makes him a social liberal but more importantly, a caring individual. He is a physician which I guess makes him a fiscal conservative. I’m not sure how this combination translates to political parties. His unique background offers our Senate expertise that will be valuable.

I have had the honor of serving as a speaker at medical meetings with Cassidy and can assure our readers that he has always compulsively followed the medical literature, thought carefully about any new recommendations after critically reviewing all data and coming to a decision as to what is currently best for patients. This is essential as medicine can change dramatically over short periods of time. That’s how doctors think and act. They never just follow administrators. Isn’t that also how U.S. senators and representatives should function?   



New Orleans