new orleans city hall.jpg

New Orleans City Hall.

I pray Mayor LaToya Cantrell does not cave into the pressure to abandon the greatest plan to relocate City Hall since Gallier Hall. Municipal Auditorium would be easy to get to with ample parking and room for expansion, plus it is a historical site with a historical building.

It certainly does not disrespect or desecrate Louis Armstrong Park or Congo Square.

Where were the protesters in District C or the board of directors of The Armstrong Foundation when the Harrah’s Casino was at the auditorium? I’m sure they had some undesirables in the Treme area. No complaints of a boozy Southern version of Las Vegas then.

I have no doubt the plan is City Hall's demolition by neglect, as was the plan carried out by LSU Health New Orleans to demolish McDonogh 11 schoolhouse.

I attended McDonogh 11 in 1937 from kindergarten through fourth grade. It was a sad day to see 142 years of history demolished from neglect, after the taxpayers invested millions to restore it. It would never happened if it were private money involved.


ret. captain, New Orleans Fire Department