How sad, horrible and unforgivable is the abuse of innocent children.

How sad is the stigma the Catholic Church and the religious have to live with.

We have over 40,000 priests in the United States, who daily perform the duties with faith, honor and respect.

Since I was nine years old I served as an altar boy and throughout high school.

After graduation, I enlisted in the U.S. Navy, before the atomic bomb was dropped on Japan.

Every opportunity I had I attended Mass while in the Navy and served as an altar server.

After marriage, I sometimes attended daily Mass and had the privilege to assist at Mass.

I am 91 years old and until was 89 I still had the privilege to assist at Mass.

Throughout my entire life and marriage life, with my wife Beverly, we have had a close relationship with Catholic priests. Every priest we have encountered were men dedicated to the service of God.

Please think and pray for these honorable religious, who daily serve members of the church and also those saintly individuals who kept the church alive for centuries.

Peter Hebert

retired accountant

Belle Chasse