I cannot provide any knowledge of whether former Angola Warden Burl Cain violated any ethics or laws.

I (the first purchaser in November 2007) can comment on the development of the Bluffs North Estates. Just as Paul Harvey on his syndicated radio talk show would give you the “rest of the story,” I would like to add my 2 cents about The Advocate’s remarks about the development’s viability.

Memory fades on exactly when I had initially met Cain and William Ourso. But prior to my purchase, we had a meeting in Baton Rouge to discuss and change, if necessary, the property’s covenants and restrictions.

Economic downturn was not the main cause of sale stagnation. The gnawing problem was to provide water within a year to purchased properties, and a water line did not exist to provide that service. Negotiations by the developer and neighboring landowners where there was a line never could materialize.

The parish either couldn’t or wouldn’t intervene in the standoff, and the issue went to court.

No waterlines as the developers sought resulted. This problem lasted for years.

My salvation was a small line already under the highway to a single meter (no longer used) that had serviced an old camp that was demolished in the clearing of the Estates. Ourso eventually told me to tie into that meter. As the sole purchaser, I alone had water and assumed the Estates was paying the minimal costs of my water use.

Later, I learned Cain was no longer involved in the development. So once my water usage surpassed the minimum charges, Cain realized his meter had been tapped and he was paying for my water.

We met soon to settle my debt to him and have the meter registered in my name.

After the untimely death of Ourso, his estate settled the water issue and contracted to have a line installed to service all Estate lots.

The sale and development of the remaining lots moved quickly due to the reduced pricing. All of the lots either have homes or drawing plans.

The Bluffs North Estates was never a failed or unpromising venture; only its timing was off.

Paul S. Vogt Sr.

retired pilot

New Orleans