I appreciate Mark Ballard noting my campaign's focus on creating jobs and growing our economy in his most recent column, “The election for the most important job you've never heard of deserves more attention.”

But I have to respectfully disagree with at least one of his comments.

Affordable energy is our state’s most powerful recruitment tool. The Public Service Commission may not have the power to fix our tax code, improve our traffic problems, or jump-start underperforming schools. What it can do is push policies that make energy more affordable and reliable which create jobs and grows our economy.

The latest job report showing unemployment numbers trending down and job growth trending up has been the result of construction job gains to build the big facilities. Those big facilities are coming here due to affordable energy and affordable electricity rates.

As his title suggests, the Public Service Commission is a vitally important elected office with extensive regulatory power over “telecommunications, intrastate trucking, even cabbies, as well as privately owned utilities that operate as monopolies.”

Those powers can support policies that affordably fuel job growth and economic recovery or they can bury small businesses in more government red tape and rising electricity costs. Put me on the side of jobs.

I will fight every day for policies that promote jobs and small businesses. Thank you for your attention to the important work done by the Louisiana Public Service Commission.

Craig Greene


Baton Rouge