Christopher Stevens and Ronald Shurer. Two names we should know because of their prominence.

Stevens was the ambassador to Libya who was brutally murdered while performing his duties nobly in Benghazi. Where was the outrage when the administration under former President Obama abandoned him and other diplomatic members? Where was a funeral and public mourning suitable for a diplomat?

Army Staff Sgt. Shurer received the Medal of Honor on Oct. 1, 2018. He died May 14 from cancer. His funeral and burial have not occurred due to restrictive policies of COVID-19.

George Floyd received nothing less than a state funeral, national news coverage and idolatries amid these same COVID-19 restrictions. Floyd had no military distinctions, only recidivism to crime.

So, why would a burial of honor be halted for a Medal of Honor recipient? The restrictions were tossed to the wind for Floyd’s funeral and memorial services. It is unfortunate that knowledge of Stevens and Shurer are not commonplace. They were diligent, decent men that did not receive their just due upon their demise.

America should wake up. We are being splintered by the promotion of selective sympathy. The feigned support is targeted and disingenuous. Think about the untimely deaths of astronauts on a mission, soldiers at war and law enforcement officers doing their job.

The one that comes to mind is Kerrie Orozco, a 10-year police veteran that was shot by a perpetrator on the day her premature baby was discharged from the hospital; the shot was aimed just above the top of her flak jacket. Again, no outcries of injustice or large outturn of sympathetic support. The adulation of Floyd is quite distorted and disproportionate.

I believe that no one should die at the hand of another. We live in a great country that has experienced two weeks of turmoil. I also believe that intestinal fortitude is what moves us toward success not blaming others to limiting our opportunities. Remember what you learned in kindergarten and continue to be a member of a proper society.


retired teacher

New Orleans