Artist Stephany Lyman stands on her balcony above her depiction of quarterback Drew Brees in a Last Supper mural hanging along Bayou St. John in New Orleans.

I was appalled by the picture in Saturday’s Advocate belittling the Lord’s Last Supper. To Christians this is a holy event. Every member of the Christian clergy should condemn the trivializing of a sacred event in the life of Christ.

Drew Brees, if he is a Christian, should publicly object to it. Also Gayle Benson, who is often a reader at the Cathedral Mass, the Catholic liturgy that commemorates the Last Supper, should likewise voice her objection.

I do not fault the Advocate for printing it, as it is news.

In December 2014, a similar picture was printed and the Christian clergy was silent. Perhaps this time they will condemn this mockery of the Lord.