I had just finished a book about the Holocaust when I read Barbara Lacour’s letter about the persecution of people of faith. If I hadn’t been sitting at the breakfast table it would have stopped me in my tracks.

The idea that pandemic-related restrictions instituted in order to save lives are equivalent to Nazi restrictions in order to facilitate genocide is inconceivable — except that Lacour clearly can conceive it.

I have a suggestion for her, and other like-minded people of faith. Imagine during this difficult time that you are Jesus or John the Baptist, alone with God in the desert. Or that you are any one of the ascetic saints who withdrew from the world in order to seek spiritual transformation.

We will emerge from the desert of COVID-19, and in the meantime, God will accept our worship even if we are not physically close together.


church organist

Baton Rouge

Letters: Persecution of people of faith has roots in history