Whenever a school district sues to stop children from learning, we believe that’s a problem.

The Iberville Parish School District is suing the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, claiming the funding of charter schools goes against the state constitution, in the 19th Judicial District of the Parish of East Baton Rouge.

We disagree.

The Louisiana Black Alliance for Educational Options fights every day to ensure greater access to high-quality educational options for low-income and working-class families. This attempt to sue to prevent funding of schools engaged in the work of educating children goes against all we stand for.

Charter schools are public schools. They differ primarily because they are free to make changes in curriculum and length of school days and to respond to other issues facing the population of families and students they serve. Charter schools are not private schools and they are certainly not the reason why any other school or district should be suing to prevent them from being funded.

Last week, news was released that parents of children attending the charter schools in question would not be able to join the lawsuit in defense of funding for the schools their children attend. The very valuable perspective of parents whose children attend charter schools in East Baton Rouge won’t get to defend them. BAEO finds this ruling to be unfair and unjust.

Parents of children attending charter schools deserve to intervene to make clear the value a school has for their family. Just as full funding of charter schools needs to continue.

Our students and families deserve to have access to all educational options that work best for them.

Stacy Martin

state director, Louisiana Black Alliance for Educational Options

New Orleans