Let’s talk Bayou Classic.

I have been a member of the Louisiana Stadium and Exposition District since late 2005. This board is in charge with overseeing the professional sport facilities and their teams in the Greater New Orleans Area.

Since 2005, after Katrina, we have faced many desperate challenges to our sports facilities and franchisees. Through community action led by Govs. Blanco and Jindal, the LSED and SMG Management Company, not only did we save the Superdome, the Saints, the Hornets, the Zephyrs and the TPC Classic, but we in this state and community established New Orleans as one of the world’s powerhouses in sports entertainment.

One event, in my mind, that has not received the attention it deserves and, in fact, is dying a slow death, is the Bayou Classic. While I am proud of being a part of the great resurgence of sports, my fellow commissioners and I are determined to help the community reestablish the Classic as one of the premier sporting events in the nation.

Unfortunately, the reason we are discussing this event is that I made the unthinkable suggestion that we may need to replace Grambling if things do not get better. If we do not do something, it will not matter because the event will disappear into obscurity. There is good news on the horizon. Some very determined people are working to reinvent the Classic in a positive way. Obviously, the Classic without Grambling is not “The Classic.” Now that we have your attention, all supporters of Grambling and Southern and great music and football in this great state must come together to support this event.

I am going to ask my board to put the discussion of the Classic on the agenda of the next meeting, and I hope that we pack the room with supporters with ideas to make this great event great again.

Robert Bruno

real estate developer/lawyer