RE: “Cassidy spoke to wrong people,” letter to the editor, by Michael D. Day, The Advocate, July 8, and many, many previous letters by Day published in your paper, in which he bashes Republicans and sings praises for unions.

I am puzzled as to why The Advocate staff repeatedly provides him with free media to spew his far, far left ideology. Surely, The Advocate receives many letters worthy of publication that express intelligent mainstream views.

Considering the many, many rants by Day that have appeared on the Opinion page, I’m sure that your readers are well aware that his views are far, far left of the mainstream and that he is a big union supporter. It is sad that individuals with the mentality of Day support the very organizations that must bear much of the responsibility for the destruction of the public school system and the economic crisis facing this nation. Thank goodness Louisiana is a right to work state, which helps protect workers from the likes of Day.

Any citizen with average intelligence can’t honestly deny the left-wing bias of most major news media. The repeated publication of Day’s opinions could leave readers with the impression that The Advocate staff supports his views.

I hope in the future I will see fair and balanced journalism on the Opinion page that will dispel such opinions.

I am a firm believer of free speech, but am probably speaking for many of your readers when I say I’ve heard enough from Day.

John E. Donovan

U.S. Army, retired

Baton Rouge