Election 2020 Trump (copy)

Eddie Rispone and President Donald Trump at a rally in Monroe earlier this month.

I've pondered writing this letter a long time but hesitated for several reasons — among them, not being taken seriously or not being timely. However, as I watched the crowds in attendance at many of the political rallies held during the runoff for the governor's seat, I feel this is the time. Let's just say it was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back.

I consider myself an avid, objective observer of politics from local to international. Having said that, I am struck by the lack of diversity at rallies and gatherings of candidates who want to "make America great again" or "Louisiana better." Where is the demographic diversity in these crowds? Where are the blacks and other minorities who are an integral part of our great country? I acknowledge the one or two "token" blacks who always seem to arrive early enough to get first or second row seats. However, an alien from another planet viewing or attending a Donald Trump or Eddie Rispone rally would have thought only white people inhabit America and Louisiana.

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The president and other politicians have to seriously reflect and ask themselves why their rallies and gatherings don't reflect the diversity that a truly "Great America" should represent. John Bel Edwards and other successful politicians acknowledge the importance of building broad, diverse coalitions, and their audiences reflect this. Only when everyone, particularly our political leaders, come to grips with this reality will we all move forward together to form a "more perfect union." Only when I can look at my television and see the crowds at political rallies reflecting America's diversity will I trust the political leaders' good intentions to "make America great again" and "Louisiana better."

Francis Lewis

retired nurse anesthetist