Thank you for the opportunity to respond to recent letters bashing Boysie Bollinger and Bollinger Shipyards for their support of Sen. Mary Landrieu. In the first place, the Bollinger family is one of the most generous and successful in all of the Gulf South. They provide great jobs and benefits for hundreds of employees and provide the surrounding communities with a level of economic development that any community would desire.

That success has been built on generations of industrious, hard workers, combined with sound management practices. One of those management practices is to remain loyal to those who have helped with their success. Landrieu is one of those friends. But her support of the Bollinger family is no different than her support for any other Louisiana-based business. It’s simply her job as our U.S. senator. And as with so many other businesses, particularly in the oil-and-gas industries, Landrieu has set party considerations aside and gone above and beyond typical political rhetoric to help.

So which would be the more despicable act: To ask for and receive help from our congressional leaders, then turn your back on them at election time; or, to ask for help and remain loyal and supportive of those who have helped you and your community become successful? I thank the Bollinger family for their commitment to south Louisiana jobs and economic development and commend Boysie for his unflinching loyalty to continue supporting those who have helped make Bollinger Shipyards a world-class company.

Randy Hayden

president, Creative Communications, Inc.

Baton Rouge