I fully support W. “Al” Krotoski, MD, PhD, MPH’s letter titled “Seeking mercy for deaths of innocents in America.” He speaks from his heart and his “voice” speaks for many pro-lifers and definitely for the unborn themselves.

It’s ironic that his letter was published on Groundhog’s Day. In a time when many people seem to care more about the safety and lives of animals as opposed to protecting human life, the groundhog took center stage on Fox News this morning. While discussing the terrorist issues (including the beheadings), they abruptly interrupted their program to check in with the groundhog’s “shadow” in Pennsylvania. Before I upset the Animal Rights Activist, let me assure you that I am an animal lover, too. As a youngster, we always had at least one family pet. As a father and grandfather, our family pets have been well loved and cared for.

As I penned my thoughts, an advertisement for the ASPCA soliciting donations appeared on TV. It noted that many abandoned animals “cling to life” and most will not survive without someone’s assistance. The same can be said about the unborn babies with the exception that NONE survive without someone’s help. Abortion, at any stage of development of the baby, always results in sudden death of a live human being. It’s no different than when the ISIS terrorist cuts off the head of an innocent person. The process of abortion and beheading produce the same result: death of a live human being!

Dr. Krotoski hit the nail on the head when he said that it’s time for us to humble ourselves and pray to God for His mercy. The blood of these innocent babies stain the “hands” of all of us in America. We should be ashamed! God provides us with hope in (2 Chronicles 7:14) when He promises to revive (save) our land and pardon our sins if we humble ourselves, pray, seek His presence and turn from our wicked ways.

Francis Rinaudo Jr.

retired dentist

St. Francisville