Our country and state are fortunate to have Bill Cassidy as a U.S. senator. Louisiana Republican Party officials who choose to censure him should instead applaud his service, judgment and integrity, even if they would have chosen to respectfully disagree with his vote on the impeachment of former President Donald Trump.

I have seen or read many TV or newspaper interviews conducted by Cassidy: He has always been clear-spoken, answered rather than evaded questions and supported his views with facts. Like Vice President Mike Pence, he has been very supportive of Trump on the issues but places his loyalty to the Constitution above his loyalty to a single individual. Trump’s calls to have our vice president illegally attempt to override the Electoral College was foolish and itself an attack on our Constitution.

It is clear Trump was reckless and his judgment was dreadful in failing to lead his followers in a constructive path once all legal challenges to election results had failed. Even when it was obvious that the crowd was getting seriously out of control, he failed in his leadership responsibility to call them to stop.

Many people voted for Trump with misgivings. He represented those let down by an elite that consider them the “deplorables.” Many of Trump’s policies were sound, and our economy changed from stagnant to growth. He should have gracefully conceded defeat and pointed to the major accomplishments during his term.

But he let his followers and his country down by his refusal to accept that he had lost the election. Tragically, he did not lose because his policies were wrong, but because his personality and character were flawed.

It is time for conservatives to unite among themselves and work with Democrats when possible for the good of our country. I have been a Republican for 55 years because I am a conservative who believes in the Bill of Rights. Wise choices should be our guide, not loyalty to a single individual who no longer should have a role in public life.


retired engineer

Baton Rouge