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Gov. John Bel Edwards.

Dan Fagan’s recent column, “Job numbers bad news for Edwards,” looked more like a campaign ad for the opposition candidates and was an insult to our intelligence.

First, he took some simple statistics on job growth and attributed these job losses to a one-term governor.

Dan Fagan: Jobs numbers bad news for Edwards campaign

Secondly, he made comparisons to states with completely different cultures, industrial bases and opportunities than either Louisiana or Mississippi.

Edwards inherited a mess from predecessor Bobby Jindal. For Fagan to place the blame on Edwards during one term is misleading at best.

Here are some facts Fagan left out.

Dan Fagan: Is Eddie Rispone running for Louisiana governor just for his ego?

For 2010-2018, Louisiana and Mississippi lagged behind the rest of the Southeast and Texas. Some of the growth for Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas is attributed to fracking during high oil prices.

Much of the job growth during 2010-2012 was due to newcomers in construction trades and supplies to capitalize on the massive reconstruction related to hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Some of the 2010-2012 job growth for Lousiana and Mississippi resulted from the Horizon cleanup. Many of these individuals do not file or pay taxes.

Louisiana's 2017-2018 decrease was partly due to reduced oil exploration and production caused by overproduction and reduced prices.

Louisiana lags in more things than can be fixed by one governor. We aren’t a desirable state for young professionals with children. Sales taxes are among the highest in the nation. Auto and home insurances are among the highest, and our state is overly litigious. Historically poor-performing schools, decaying infrastructure, rampant crime in urban areas, public corruption, dangerous environmental conditions (e.g.; Cancer Alley), diminished fisheries, etc., do not encourage population growth.

Our property taxes are not senior friendly. Most parts of coastal Florida charge the same or less. In Central Florida, property taxes are less, as in Alabama and Georgia. 

See this link for more reasons why we have negative growth.

More than $100,000,000 of planned industrial expansions are on hold due to our president’s unpredictable economic policies and self-inflicted trade wars.

Fagan should not handpick facts to slam this governor. Instead, he should cite facts why we should vote for his preferred candidates.

A governor is supposed to represent all of our citizens and not just one side or the other. Considering who and what he has to work with in our Legislature, Edwards is doing a fine job. References for facts cited above are provided below.

Dave Thompson