I read with great interest the recent letter to the editor arguing that fantasy betting should help Louisiana businesses. As a fellow local business owner, I concur with the writer that sports betting should be extended to locally approved retail businesses, not just mammoth casinos and riverboats.

We are regulated by the State Police and must adhere to strict standards. Every voluntary tax dollar generated is accounted for.

Louisiana bar owner: Legal sports betting must extend to local shops, or we'll be the victims

The income derived from video poker allows myself and other business owners to invest in our employees. We are not beholden to out-of-state shareholders. Any extra earnings would afford us the same opportunity.

However one feels about gambling in general, keep in mind that the taxes generated are voluntary: You don't play, you don't pay. The benefits of the tax dollars generated extend to all.

I sincerely hope the legislators consider allowing “mom and pop” licensed establishments where the earnings would stay local and help boost payroll and allow owners to reinvest in our businesses.

Mike Delahoussaye

Tic Toc Cafe