At the end of World War I, there was a large influx of (legal) immigrants from Europe to the US.

From about 1920 to about 1960, immigration was greatly reduced to allow these new citizens to assimilate to our customs and become productive members of our society. We still have immigration laws, but they have been ignored for years.

Within the last few months, we have seen citizens of over 40 countries flood through our southern border. These include not only the poor seeking a better life in a free country, but many seeking to harm our country. Several on the terrorist watch list have been apprehended. How many have not?

Potential spies from China have made it through. Untold amounts of drugs are making it through — this mass illegal immigration is controlled by the Mexican cartels, not our government. They are reaping billions getting these illegals into this country.

How many times do we hear our newscasters tell us no one is above the law? This is usually aimed at conservatives.

This unrestrained immigration has not allowed, nor has anyone expected, these folks to accept our customs and culture. Has anyone noticed our government is beginning to look more and more like those of the countries they are coming from?

As one who pays over $300 a year to receive this paper, can you imagine how offended I am at the editorial cartoon of April 23? It depicts an elephant (GOP) festooned with buttons proclaiming the GOP is at war with women, science (I am a scientist), the poor, voter rights, the truth, immigrants, LGBTQ, workers and Democrats. Well, maybe the Democrats, since they claim that I am all of the above.


retired chemist

Baton Rouge