Regarding Jim Munn's recent letter, on behalf of all people of common sense, I would like to welcome Munn back from his extended vacation to the Land That Time Forgot. First, 63 million people did not elect Donald Trump president; in fact, 65 million voted for Clinton. The Electoral College elected him president.

Secondly, we who are not represented in the face-slap called "all Dems" find ongoing offense, not to mention inaccuracy and falsehood, in the reference. Unless, of course, Munn's magic ball has a special connection to "all," in which case, I would like to ask all Republican senators but two where their backbones went.

And finally, "looking past warts" is hardly the description that applies. Trump is not uniquely responsible for economic success anymore than the economy's failures. What he is responsible for is being a liar, a hypocrite and a political gangster. He is being held guilty by facts, not warts. Perhaps Munn should take shorter vacations and make the effort to stay more in touch with the same facts that surround us.

Michael Preble

retired photographer