Walt Handelsman: Decision 2020

Your cartoon by Walt Handelsman in the Nov. 8 Sunday editions is a joke, right?

Sixty percent of Louisiana voters and 70 million others nationwide voted for President Donald Trump. I trust that he is not suggesting that the contributions and achievements of Trump be erased, suppressed or viewed as a threat to democracy.

The real and existential threat here is a democracy that has been artificially crafted and manipulated by an inseparable coalition of one political party (in this case Democrats) and journalists. This threat is not hypothetical, as evidenced by this election. The control of messaging, suppression of news and the restrictive dissemination of information by such a coalition is the hallmark of a Marxist regime.

The first thing these governments do is control and manipulate the message. Just look at North Korea, China and Venezuela. No information comes to the public but what the controlling party wants to disseminate. What we have learned, as this paper likes to say, is that the press will do anything and say anything to foster false narratives and limit opposing opinions.

Journalists (used loosely to include Walt Handelsman) have put democracy in this country at risk. Think about it: Three years of false reporting about Russian collusion. Impeachment of Trump while the Biden-China/Ukraine relationship was intentionally suppressed. The creation of polls by The Washington Post and NBC falsely showing Biden leading by as much as 17% to suppress voters. The Brett Kavanaugh smear.

All of this is evidence of a very troubling symbiosis between journalists and the Democratic Party that has resulted in nothing but propaganda rather than journalism. We have seen firsthand how the effects of such a coalition can destroy confidence in a free democracy. I would challenge any journalist or cartoonist like Walt Handelsman to look in the mirror to see if they are the real threat to democracy.



Baton Rouge