I just got through paying my property taxes, not a pleasant chore, especially since I feel our East Baton Rouge taxes are very high.

But as I reviewed the tax charges, I realized the millages are a bit skewed. The millage for BREC is 12.7% of the total, which is about the same for Special Law Enforcement and the St. George Fire District but 10% higher than Emergency Medical Service.

There is something wrong with this picture. Do we have our priorities in the wrong place?

The other thing that disturbs me about having to pay a high percentage for BREC is that the Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s Office found payroll fraud, stolen property and out-of-compliance bookkeeping practices, among other financial violations.

Maybe instead of charging so much tax, some heads should roll at BREC and put people in place that can use proper controls. Corey Wilson, BREC superintendent, said, “The BREC leadership team takes seriously its responsibility to be a good steward of taxpayer dollars.” Apparently, not too seriously.

Some of the violations were blamed on new software that was implemented at the beginning of 2021. You mean it has taken a year to get it right. Government inefficiency at its finest.


retired manager

Baton Rouge