Election 2020 Trump (copy)

Eddie Rispone and President Donald Trump at a rally in Monroe.

Nearly half of those Louisianans who voted in the Nov. 16 election may not believe it, but the state has narrowly averted a major catastrophe. Our current governor, a man who, along with his family, has spent a lifetime in public service, was reelected over a man who had never spent one day in public office, and whose entire campaign was run on one idea: “I am a clone of our current president.” With large Republican majorities in both houses, our state would have suffered huge defeats for the interests of ordinary people had the election gone the other way. We have narrowly dodged a giant bullet.

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If you supported our governor’s opponent, consider that you are getting your daily information from a “news network” that is a major propaganda device for special interests in this country. For a week, turn it off and listen to any, or all, of the other actual news networks. If you feel like your sense of reality is being challenged by doing so, perhaps you may want to consider that you have been indoctrinated into a cult. Only the "news network" is true and factual, and all the rest are not? How can that be possible? This “news network” gives information that is mostly not real, and exists to prey on your sense of panic to earn profits for itself and promote the interests of a very narrow group of very wealthy people. It’s not real.

Our current president is a deeply flawed, defective man. He has no experience in governing and does not understand the office he holds. He apparently has[ multiple personality defects and is utterly incompetent in his office. He is a mortal danger to our country and to all American institutions and traditions, and he is a mortal danger to all Americans.

If you supported our governor’s opponent, if you think our current president is the answer to a very understandable frustration with government at all levels, and if your daily intake of information is from the already mentioned “news network,” you are being played. You may think that the recent runoff election was a disaster, but I am telling you, the disaster has been averted.

For now.

J.K. Markway