I went to Mass today as I've done each Sunday for the past several weeks.

The environment causes sadness and a bit of anger. It highlights what political leaders have done to this country and my fellow parishioners. I understand and appreciate that COVID-19 is real and dangerous. Respect what it can do to you.

However, don't let fear of COVID overcome your willingness to live life. We’re now afraid to make contact with another human. We cringe when we see someone getting too close. We have stopped trusting, not even in the presence of God.

Chinese virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan says the Chinese government made the virus. Her research and announcements about the virus places her in grave danger. She remains in hiding. The virus kills.

But, at the same time, it created and instilled fear in the hearts of humanity. We have allowed political leaders to take over our lives, hide the truth and distort data for their benefit. Recently the Democratic mayor of Nashville hid useful data from bars and restaurants that should lead to his removal from office. Corrupt behavior.

How many other political leaders have taken similar paths to maintain control and oversight of our lives? The media have been willing partners because both Democrats and media personnel want to stop the president's re-election. While this subversive movement takes place, Marxist organizations seek to take over America.

Liberal Democrats have allowed rioters to destroy cities and businesses and threaten citizens at their homes and public restaurants. Shameful behavior!

Already anarchists threaten riots will be commonplace throughout the country if Trump is re-elected. I fear open conflicts unless all this hatred stops. We have communist-leaning individuals hell-bent on taking over and "punishing" anyone that disagrees with their ideology. There is an all-out effort against morality, love of country, families, Christianity and sensible human relations. Unacceptable outcomes!

This is reality and the calamitous picture for the remainder of 2020 and who knows how long. Allowing momentum and political complacency to anarchy is a lethal decision. The bullies have risen, and only a stout defense of American values can save this country. It will not be easy, but it is necessary.

Clear thinking and patriotic Americans must be ready for the challenge. The only way to beat bullies is meeting them head-on. Fear is their club to stop opposition. Fearlessness is the antidote to overcome their poisonous mindset.

Good will prevail, but it won't happen by being fearful and static. We’ve reached a severe moment in time that can't be won alone. We must pray and seek God's intervention. He is the only hope to overcome the evil seeking domination of our country.


leadership consultant