ITEM: “… Jindal has visited more than a dozen states since January …” per the “Capitol Buzz” column, May 25, 2014. Noted: Louisiana was not listed among the states he visited. No surprise, there.

ITEM: At a graduation speech recently, “… Jindal amused himself by deflecting questions about whether he was absent a bit too much during the legislative session …” Again, “Capitol Buzz” column, May 25.

ITEM: “Governor” Jindal is scheduled to appear on the season opener of “Duck Dynasty.” Just curious: Did he have a SAG card already? And does one have to be a Rhodes scholar in order to qualify for such an appearance?

CONCLUSION: If it “acts” like a duck, quacks like a duck, flies cross-country and back at our expense while ducking gubernatorial responsibilities, then guess what? It’s probably a duck.

Bobbye Clements

retired state employee

Baton Rouge