I wondered what the brouhaha was all about concerning Common Core until I saw the recent comparison in The Advocate of the current math and Common Core math and multiplication comparisons. Then I could see why Gov. Bobby Jindal “evolved” from a proponent to an opponent.

To further enlighten your readers, I suggest you conduct a test for a proponent and an opponent on the BESE board. The test would compare current math to Common Core. It would consist of five columns with eight numbers in each column of dollar numbers in the hundreds, with varying cents. For the multiplication problems, there would be five problems involving multiplying numbers in the hundreds times numbers in other hundreds. There would be no time limit for completion; but the time it takes each to complete the test and verify the accuracy of the answers would be kept.

Then, a sample of one of the completed addition problems and one of the multiplication problems for each of the participants could be published. It would be interesting to see all of the different machinations that would be gone through to arrive at the Common Core answers. Current math would have just the original numbers with the answers for each verified by adding the addition numbers from the bottom up to verify accuracy and the multiplication numbers double checked to verify accuracy.

I think this would be invaluable for the education of parents, students and teachers.

Wayne Blankenship Jr.

Oil and Gas Independent