Regarding Stephany Lyman’s painting on March 27 of Drew Brees as Our Lord, with his “apostles” — other Saints players — in a parody of the Last Supper:

As an artist myself, I try to respect and support the creative visions of other artists. I am not easily offended and often inspired and amused. But as a practicing Catholic, I am offended by this cheeky portrayal of one of the most important events of Christ’s ministry.

Whether it was meant in a spirit of fun, admiration or something else, I think it was in poor taste, especially, as one letter writer said, just in time for Passover and Holy Week.

I am not denying the overwhelmingly positive contributions — many of them under the radar — Brees and his teammates have made over the years to benefit our city. I applaud them for their altruism. And although Saints fans tend to regard Drew Brees as a deity, his many spectacular talents fall a bit short of changing water into wine or curing the sick.

I also respect Lyman’s artistic talent, creativity and sense of humor, but in my opinion, some images should be kept sacred.